The Boines Family

by Michael Boines
(Marietta Ga)

I would use the money to provide my family(Wife and four Children) with a safe, secure, stable home. After several years of not being able to accomplish those things due to many unfortunate incidents, being scammed and broken property agreements. Proof provided.

The unique things that separate me from other applicants for this money would be the fact I would be extremely thankful and grateful to finally have a stable home to enjoy and watch my four children grow and not keep having to move my sickly wife who suffers from uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and migraine headaches from house to house every few years and also not having to see my family disappointed, sad and crying because they have to keep being snatched away from all the bonds they've formed with their teachers, classmates and neighborhood friends. It would also be nice to finally spend quality time,do things with my family without not having enough time and money, 14 years is a long time to not being able to do those things after struggling being the bread winner and working around the clock getting little or no sleep to meet my family needs and fulfill my financial obligations and responsibilities.

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