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Find some helpful articles and information here for first time home buyers:

First Time Home Buyers Are Skipping Starter Homes

This article discusses how first time home buyers are buying or building their dream homes, insteadof buying a starter home, since interest rates are so low. Check out the info here to learn more.

Sunny Bermuda

Want to move to Bermuda? Here's an article that gives information on buying a home in beautiful Bermuda. Read the article here to find out more.

Home Prices to Hit All-Time Low in 2008 and Beyond

This article outlines the "housing slump" of 2008 and how home sales and prices continued to decline. This is an interesting article now that home prices started to rebound in a lot of areas in 2012/2013. Check out the article here.

Fix Your Finances!

Here's an article regarding a book Suze Orman has written regarding fixing your finances. In this tough economy, fixing your credit is paramount if you want to buy your first home. Check out the article here.

Instead of Buying a Home, Know Someone Who Needs to Sell?

Do you know someone in the MA/RI area that needs to sell his/her home fast? If so, ask them to check out this site for more information.

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