California First Time Home Buyer Grants and Loan Programs

California first time home buyer grants and loan programs - the California Housing Finance Agency (CALHFA) offers loan programs for first time home buyers. They offer below market interest rate first home loan/mortgage programs and a variety of downpayment assistance programs to eligible first time home buyers.

Check out the CALHFA website for the home loan program details or call 1-877-9-CALHFA (877-922-5432).

The CALHFA website also offers several home buyer programs and down payment assistance programs. They offer conventional loans, government insured loans and even special programs for school teachers. The CALHFA loan programs even offer a 40 year home loan/mortgage, which is a great program considering the cost of real estate these days!

Special City Programs

The city of Oakland also offers loans to first time home buyers. The home loans/mortgages are for low income buyers up to $75,000 through participating lenders. Click here to see if you are able to qualify.

The city of Glendale also offers special loans to qualified first time home buyers up to $75,000. The program is offered to low and moderate income buyers. Check out the city's website here to learn more.

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